The information in this area is provided for our prop traders. Please refer to the schedule below for more details.
"Competition Friday" Terms:
Each Friday from 8am,-4pm (ET), Sandton Direct Proprietary Trading will sponsor a competition and award funds to a trader with the highest pip count (50 pip minimum required to qualify). The terms are set forth below:
  1. Sandton Direct reserves the right to cancel the competition and award no prize if at least 3 traders to not meet the minimum pip requirement.
  2. Sandton Direct reserves the right to split the prize equally if up to 2 traders score a tie. 
  3. Prize money will be awarded in the form of a credit to the trading account and can be withdrawn as cash (btc) at any time. 
  4. Sandton Direct reserved the right to reclaim any prize money that has not been claimed (withdrawn) within 30 days after winning the prize.
Competition ends Mon, April 13
Top 3 traders
Account    Place     Pips     Gain
*****987        1     51          60%
*****422        2     55          58%
*****116        3     53          45%
Last updated: 14:45 (GMT)

You'll need a prop account to participate. Ready to go?

Week 1  

March 28-April 3



Starting balance: USD 50
Double your account three (3) times and withdraw 100% profit (maximum USD 50).
  • You will receive unlimited chances to double your account three times. The account balance will be reset to USD 50 the first two times.
  • You will keep 100% of the profit (maximum USD 50) the third time.
  • If you need to top-up the account, simply request more funds to bring your account back to USD 50.

Week 2

April 5-10




Starting balance: USD 250
Wallet balance: USD 1000
Make 150% profit daily. 
  • Once the target is reached, stop trading for that day. 
  • You will keep 55% of the week's profit, paid to you on Friday.
  • If you need to top-up the account, simply transfer funds from your wallet in the client office. Maximum of 1 request allowed per day. 

Week 3

April 12-17


Apply for Entry

Starting balance: TBD
Terms TBD
Apply for Entry

Week 4

April 19-24


Starting balance: TBD
Terms TBD