Processing Times and Fees

Depositing Funds

This is what it will cost to transfer funds to your USD trading account:

Bitcoin (BTC)


Bank Transfer*


Withdrawing Funds

This is what will cost to transfer funds out of your USD trading account:


USD 19

Bank Transfer

USD 29

Account Inactivity

This is what it will cost when trades are not placed for extended periods of time:

30+ days

USD 49

60+ days

USD 99/ month

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Additional information:





Processing time:  Instant

Clients may also buy BTC using their bank account in USD or EUR. The minimum transaction amount is EUR 50 and the fee is 1% + EUR 2.50.


All clients have access to their own Crypto Wallet in the client office where bitcoin purchases will be sent. Bitcoin transactions are very easy and efficient but there may be costs associated with buying, selling, storing, or sending bitcoin. We do not charge any fees to convert bitcoin (BTC) into USD or any other trading account currency. Please note: there may be fees charged by bitcoin wallets when sending funds directly from an external wallet to your client office wallet. We will process all bitcoin deposits and withdrawals instantly.





*Bank Transfer


Processing time: Deposits are instant (upon receipt of bank remittance form) and withdrawals take 24 hours to process (please allow 2-3 business days to receive funds).

The minimum deposit for bank wires is USD 1000.00.


Incoming wires: Funding times can vary from bank to bank. However, we will credit your account in minutes upon submission of the transaction record from your bank clearly showing the amount sent, the name of our company, and  our bank account number (IBAN).   Most banks charge the sender a flat fee for sending and receiving international wire transfers. Please check with your bank. Please note that failure to provide us with accurate information concerning bank wires to  and from your account can result in lengthy delays and excessive fees charged. Please take care when sending funds through the international banking network (SWIFT).


Outgoing wires: Wire transfers are processed from a trading account within 24 hours after we receive a withdrawal request. Funds can take 2-3 business days to arrive depending on where your bank is located. Please note that there is a USD 29 processing fee to withdraw funds by bank transfer and there may be extra fees charged by any bank involved in the transfer process. Our banking partners are located in the time zone GMT +04:00, therefore  cutoff time for bank transfer is 13:00 GMT. 





Inactivity Fees


Accounts with zero balances or no trading activity for more than 30 days may be expired from the system. According to our terms of business and strict anti-money laundering rules, we are not permitted to service accounts for any purpose other than trading the forex market. Any account that has been expired or inactive from trading may be subject to the fees listed above. To reactivate or close an account, please click here.