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Client Office


Use your email address and password to access all of your Sandton Direct trading accounts under one login. If you forget or misplace your password, you can request a new one by clicking "forgot your password?" Please note: client office login is not the same as XOH DirectTrader platform login. You will always have unique logins for each of your trading accounts. If you need further assistance with login, please contact us.

Money Management

Deposit and withdraw bitcoin instantly with just one click!

  • Keep funds in your own USD crypto wallet

  • Move funds between wallets/trading accounts

  • Change account leverage


A soon as client's identity is verified deposits and withdraws by bitcoin or  bank wire can be performed. All incoming funds are converted to USD for free. We do not charge any additional fees for currency conversions. 

Edit Client Profile

We've made account admin easier! Access and edit personal information by clicking "My Profile" in the left-hand menu. Functions include:


  • Update home address

  • Add/update bank account

  • Change password

Clients can also upload and send documents required to verify identity or bank deposits safely and securely.